Luminous source

Imported LED, high output, high stability, high lighting,;
Multicolor, multi angle irradiation, accurately highlight product surface defect information;
Luminance level: 0-255;

Special mirror combination to achieve high brightness and high uniformity of spot lighting

Software interface description

Product data (SPC) trend statistics monitoring and query, and upload MES system;

It can correspond to the appearance sorting of all kinds of micro products, and it can switch conveniently and conveniently;

Real time caching function, you can see the Npcs (maximum 500) product before downtime

High precision pm positioning function, real-time high speed (10ms exposure, 100pcs/s) to capture each product

Powerful defect image processing algorithm library, enabling users to customize programming online

ROI custom link in the processing function, the various defects can be detected in the secondary extraction


AI equipment

More accurateadditionalandfeedback training,the detection accuracy is infinitely close to 100%.

More consistent:each production line,each shift to maintain the same level of quality.

Easy to configure:extremely simple line workers maintain the interface the interface without special expertise

More tolerance for differences:More acceptance of various defects in the application of control deviations.

Designed specifically for applications that are difficult to solve:Compared to traditional classical rules — based algorithms,more difficult defects can be solved

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